Every day, approximately 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans. Accessibility is one of the greatest issues faced by marine conservators worldwide. It was this issue that inspired Robert Thompson, our multi award-winning CEO to develop a trademarked kayak, the first and only one of its kind, made out of recycled plastics from his beach and harbour cleanup initiatives.

The Campaign.

Today many public access beaches in the UK no longer seem to be heavily polluted with plastic waste due to all the fantastic beach clean initiatives around; the total opposite could be said for coves and inaccessible stretches of coastline a few hundred meters away!

Wildlife tends to thrive in these less accessible areas however is forced to share its water and beaches with plastic, in all its hazardous forms.

The Paddle for Plastic campaign was launched in 2016 to raise awareness and enable community groups and individuals alike to start recovering plastic from otherwise inaccessible stretches of coastline and waterways by means of a kayak.

Since then the campaign has gone viral after featuring on prime-time BBC's Blue Planet UK, More4 and several tv news channels, radio and printed media reaching in excess of 20 million people.

The campaign has now gone global, supporting and initiating conservation efforts in Spain, Greece, UK, Africa, the Maldives, Germany, America and Canada.

As part of our corporate social responsibility Odyssey Innovation gives away 1 free kayak per month to a beach clean group or eco-warrior of its choice.

Sponsoring our Paddle For Plastic Campaign.

We wish to expand upon our valuable work by offering companies the opportunity to become part of The Paddle for Plastic Campaign by either purchasing and donating branded kayaks to community groups or by organizing teambuilding events under the campaign name. 
If you were looking for reasons why, here are some: 
PROTECT THE OCEAN.  By supporting our mission you automatically sign up to the commitment of taking action.
FULFILL CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. By tackling the marine plastic crisis as a sponsor of The Paddle For Plastic Community.
SUPPORT CONSERVATION EFFORTS. By donating kayaks you empower passionate, hands on groups who are on the front line of conservation.
RAISE AWARENESS IN THE COMMUNITY. The campaign engages the community through educational, marketing and social media efforts.
SAFEGUARD WILDLIFE. By protecting remote wildlife havens that have the highest accumulation of marine plastic.
LESSEN YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT. By supporting our award-winning circular economy practices through recycling marine plastics.

Some Of Our Expedition Snaps

Paddle for plastic