The epic journey of recycled marine plastic.

Plastic is all around us. It’s in the clothes we wear, it’s in the food we eat, it can be found in the deepest parts of our Ocean, inside most avian species and marine wildlife. In and of itself, plastic is an incredible man-made material, with countless polymer types and applications; however, it’s daily mismanagement is at the heart of one of the greatest planetary crises Mankind is having to face. 

Our work has shown us that when it comes to taking action, prevention is often better than cure and that is why Odyssey Innovation pioneered the marine waste management sector when it set up the UK’s Net Regeneration Scheme; a first of its kind. Our work has also shown us that due to the severity of the marine plastic crisis that everyone has a role to play, from corporate entities investing in social responsibility programs, to governments creating mechanisms for supporting societal change across the board and for individuals alike to not wait around for change to happen, but for them to be the change, like our very own Founder and Managing Director Rob Thompson. 

Support our work

We work tirelessly to offer our free services to beach clean communities and the fishing industry with the aim of effectively decreasing marine plastic pollution, but our work doesn’t stop there!

We’ve offered guidance to countless academics by passing on first hand knowledge and expertise of the practical elements of running a recycling scheme and R&D involved in pioneering the circular economy.

We’ve assisted divers by helping them recover and recycle the ghost gear spoiling their favorite dive spots.

We’ve helped governmental departments and MPs to enhance and protect the natural environment for their constituents.

We’ve aided private companies to improve upon their ocean literacy, develop better product life cycles and develop eco-friendly and recycled product parts.

We’ve assisted artists with their storytelling, communication and sourcing of raw materials.

We’ve inspired children and youths to grow into more eco-conscious beings by creating fun beach activities with the use of our products and sponsored so many beach clean activities and paddling campaigns… The list goes on and it’s all thanks to your word of mouth!

So please keep helping us increase our work in your area by learning more about how we can help each other in the most relevant way!


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Adopt a circular economy.

Do you want to do your bit for the environment, but not sure how? Our Founder Rob Thompson is pioneering the circular economy with his business model and is now providing consultancy services to businesses who are looking to also adopt the circular economy, but not sure how.
There has never been a better time to consider applying sustainable business practices to your operations and we can help you make that switch. 
Odyssey Innovation brings with its name a multitude of National awards in the fields of Innovation, Excellence in Leadership, The Circular Economy, Sustainable Design alongside many high profile consultations, unparalleled insights, 100% reliable supply chains, theoretical expertise and more.
Whether you would like your company to close the loop, incorporate our marine plastic into one of your products or wish to know how your company can recycle its plastic in a more sustainable manner- we would love to assist!
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